This and/or That?

When you're building a wardrobe on limited funds sometimes... you're forced to make tough decisions.

When you're building a wardrobe on limited funds sometimes... you're forced to make tough decisions.

So this is a perfect example of need  vs. wantneed. Both from Modcloth and both $59.99, the boxcar bag and elegant underpinnings corselet have been on my wishlist for months now. Unfortunately, as other expenses are imminent, I have allowed myself only one of these while I'll have to wait, possibly a weeks, for the other (God willing it doesn't sell out by the time I'm ready to make the purchase)

Why I want the Boxcar Bag. I am way late on the quilted purse train and while this bag caters to that trend, its also funky enough to revive it and bring it a fresh look to it. This bag would be lovely with AP Almondine pleated skirt and my ALDO leaopard print loafs. I have great plans for this bag. It maybe the kind of accompaniment my new closet needs! With its relevance still intact, its quickly making a name for itself as a street style staple. Its criminal not to own one.

Why I need the Elegant Underpinnings Corselet. Lets be honest, sometimes bulges and rolls can make even your most inspired outfit bleh. Especially for curvier girls like me, this is essential. The lack of uncomfortable ribbing/wiring you get from a traditional corset, however, is what I find most appealing about this. That and the sexy design of course. While it may not be seen, it is the kind of underthing to bring your inner confidence outward. I am wary of the fact that this is final sale but the reviews don't lie. This looks like a good investment.

It may seem like an easy choice but I'm not so sure. While I think the body shaper is important, I am attracted to the immediacy in which the bag will add, visually, to my wardrobe.

You guys have got the smarts! Please help!

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  1. So basically you're saying that you want the corselet to assist with your confidence yet you want the bag because it's trendy and "criminal not to own one." I think you should get the corselet so you will have confidence now and be trendy later.

  2. dude, go for the corselet! it will last for years and years and serves great purposes (smoothing AND sexifying!)

    xoxox kat

  3. First of all thank you so much for visiting my blog and for adding me to your reading list, i really aprpreciate it. Second, if you ask me I'll go for the corselet but this is just the opinion of a person obsessed over lingerie, among other things.P
    Anyhow,you are being stalked, you know, i am following you as we speak! :))



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