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Back in February when dresscapades was a wittle baby, I won a Lulu's Valentine's Day Twitter Party! I, along with 3 other lucky ladi...

Back in February when dresscapades was a wittle baby, I won a Lulu's Valentine's Day Twitter Party! I, along with 3 other lucky ladies (plus one more since Lulu's was feeling generous), actually won a dress but later had a chance to redeem it for a monetary prize. And of course I put it toward my first Lulu's purchase EVER!!!! Here's what I bought and my reviews.

So, the Literal Animal Print trend has really taken off in the last few months and sure leopard print is still fun but the new take on "animal prints" you have to admit is quite a humorous way to approach a trend. So beside the thermal with unicorns prancing all over (yes, fantastical animals count too) this is my first literal animal print and covered in mischievous little foxes, it certainly lends greatly to the trend.

Ruffles! Yay!
Structure & Fit: I love love love that this dress has pockets. It adds to the laid back feel of the dress (and tucking your hands in your pocket just makes you look so much cooler and add a whole other dimension to your personality). Another great feature of this dress is the dramatic ruffles that droop down from the neck below the elastic waist (yes ladies... elastic). But its a bit strange that the ruffles aren't sewn to the front of the dress and sure a cute tiny braided belt can keep them in place but that leaves not much room for versatility when wearing this dress. Sure you can alternate between sneakers and maryjanes but, for me anyway, a belt is a must also because the elastic waist hits the torso at an awkward place (on the stomach). A belt, thick or thin, can easily solve this tiny issue and if it means you wear this dress with a belt all the time well... all the time you'll look cute and I say its worth it. The length is perfect. Hits that flirty area just a few inches above your knees but not too short. A personal drawback is the spaghetti straps and though they are adjustable (yay) this means for us busty girls whipping out the strapless bra (nay) or covering up with a cardigan or blazer... (mmm okay).

Ideal outfit: What the model has on is super cute! But I've got some taupe suedette oxford platform wedges that, with socks scrunched down to the ankles, would go perfectly with this dress. Add a long, boyfriend, navy cardigan, cinch it at the waist with a brown braided belt and ... not too shabby.  Lately, however, I've been wearing my 80%20 Trudy Seersucker Wedges with almost every dress I own and I've got to say... they never disappoint.

Overall: So the dress ain't perfect but for $36 bucks... I'm keeping!

Others Items from my purchase:
Thinner material than I thought but it is a spring jacket. The hood is a major win and the floral lining is sure to bring sunshine to those icky rainy days. Keeping it!!!
This is currently not available on their site or Modcloth's. Sorry ladies.

Twinkle Toes Purple Lace Leggings
Tsk Tsk Tsk... The pictures Lulu's has on their website are unfortunately very misleading! I didn't know these were footless when I bought them! So not what I had in mind but the color and the design are so chic that I've got to find some way to make them work. Any ideas????

Compadre Cargo Khaki Midi Skirt
NOT for curvy girls. If you got big hips AND a butt, this is not for you. It stretches at the front and because its got buttons leaves a whole wide open in an unlucky spot. Returning this one.

I'm all around satisfied with my purchase and can definitely say, I'll be coming back for more...
if funds allow =/

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