Forever 21 Store Policy: Fair? Or Do We Deserve Better?

     When the Forever21 cashiers asks me if I know the store policy I always answer yes and there after mumble under my breath "all too...

     When the Forever21 cashiers asks me if I know the store policy I always answer yes and there after mumble under my breath "all too well." But asking your customers if they know the store policy doesn't erase the fact that its incredibly unforgiving. 
     Its happened on more than one occasion that I would walk into a Forever21 with an item that the didn't fit right (we'll address their S M L issue in a bit) or that I just didn't like it, only to realize at the cashier that I forgot the reciept or that I was a day late on returning my item. I would, 9 times out of 10 get sent away, left to deal with a garment that I would never wear. One day, on the most recent occasion, I told the 16 year old in advance that I was a couple of days late on returning it and before I could take it out of the bag she said there was nothing she could do about it. I sort of rolled my eyes which was rude of me since she didn't really deserve that but walking out of the store I realized: had I returned my cuffed shorts just a few days before... I wouldn't have even gotten my money back. I spent the drive home trying to wrap my head around how unfair that policy is and okay... store policy is store policy but is it justified?

     If you go next door to H&M, at Sunrise Mall in Massapequa, NY, the atmosphere is entirely different. Less overwhelming colors, less clutter and more organization and lately more and more reasonable prices. The numbered sizes help to cater to people of all body types and its so wonderful to know that I can pull off a jumper Gisele Bundchen looks so stunning in ($19.99 y'all)! At the checkout the cashiers are older and seem much more capable and customer friendly. They're more professional and polite and conscious of your time. When it comes to their return policy, I could walk in with a garment with a tag and no receipt and they're more than happy to give me at least store credit even if the item is no longer being sold in the store (they probably just throw it into their clearance section). Sometimes if you just want to exchange your item for another size, you won't even need a receipt. Between the flexible store policy, the competent employees and the great clothes, H&M has found a loyal customer in me. And more importantly, I know that I'm appreciated as a regular customer.

     My frustration with Forever 21, however, has been stewing for years. As a curvy girl, its quite difficult  to get something that flatters my shape when all that's being offered is a Small, Medium or a Large. I often assume a large will do since, in many cases it does, and try to avoid the chaos that is the fitting room. Then, when I get to the check out counter and I'm met with an attitudey, turtle paced teenager who seems to think they have some air of importance or authority over me. I await her politely but always feel ignored or unappreciated as a customer. (One time, true story, I waited patiently while my representative chatted with her coworker. I was partly in awe at her rudeness in not acknowledging my presence. At least 5 minutes went by before she told me she was waiting for the manager. True. Story.) Once I pay for it and get home, I'm never entirely sure if I like it. I brew over it. Try it on again. Then decide meh... "I don't think this is me, perhaps I'll return it and invade the accessories section."And before you know it, 21 days have come and gone. Let me just emphasize that I know well enough not to ask for my money back because, loves, once you give Forever21 your money, you are never going to see it again. That's not an unfamiliar policy... when you've returned something after the allotted days given to you to return... then its your fault and you're lucky to get store credit. And okay its quite clever to give us 21 days to return an item (though it feels more like 2) but for such a short period of time shouldn't we be rewarded with a refund? What I don't understand is: if you're given store credit regardless... whats the difference between 21 days and 24 days? Its very disheartening to try to return a garment, get a no-can-do and the walk passed said garment on your way out of the store. So for what reason, F21, does this policy still stand? And with subpar customer service and limited sizes... is this justified? 

      It maybe just me since a world and a half still shop at Forever21 and haven't complained about its impenetrable store policy but perhaps they're fooled by representatives laying the responsibility entirely at the customer 's feet from the beginning which seems to suggest a defensive "well, we told you so" stance. So in essence, at the checkout as you hand over your hard earned money, you're being devalued as a customer. Don't we deserve better?


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  1. They don't have a fair policy at all. I guess you get what you pay for as far as clothing and customer service from this company. I just went there the other day and they have little to no customer service but since it is forever21 it no longer bothers me.

  2. Thanks for your comment!!!
    I agree with you. I think a lot of people just overlook it because at the end of the day the quality of the clothes and the bad costumer service reflect on each other. It just sucks when the bad qualities bleed into other aspects of the company. I did my research and found that Forever 21 is also not the best company to work for. Unfair store policy, sucky clothes, disgruntled employees? I don't know. I think something majorly has to change there


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