I'm a Seasonal Dresser! Get Me Out Of Here!

I don't know about you wherever you are but here in NY we're experiencing some serious manic weather! Snow and 50 degree weather in ...

I don't know about you wherever you are but here in NY we're experiencing some serious manic weather! Snow and 50 degree weather in the same month?! And thats just January. With Punxsutawney Phil predicting 6 more weeks of... a bi-polar winter what will that mean for your wardrobe?
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Well if you're anything like my parents, that means you've packed your spring and summer clothes in a bin and stowed them away under your bed or in the basement somewhere. Fishing for shorts for an unusually warm winter day can be stressful. But going forward incorporate these springy winter pieces for a springtime-in-winter closet and beat mother nature at her own game.

Kelly Green. This color is brightening up this year's winter palate! And with a figure flattering dress like this one, it begs to be worn year round. 20 degree weather doesn't permit for a cap sleeved dress? Throw a chunky sweater on top and stay warm with black leggings. For an evening look, try a black blazer and cinch it at the waist with a python belt. Keep this dress handy for warmer days. Then, you may want to opt for a lighter cardi and ditch the leggings. Other ways to incorporate kelly green for winter? Nail polish, jewelry, opaque tights, shoes just to name a few. If kelly green is a bit too brazen for you, emerald green is a hint deeper.
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Shorts. Of course. By now I don't even have to tell you that shorts --denim, leather, tailored etc-- are suitable year round. Wear them with tights and boots and you're good to go on a springy Winter day.

Leopard/Animal Print. Leopard print is making an appearance everywhere this winter and just as well, its suitable in between seasons. For a warmer winter day swap out your knit scarf for light airy leopard one. It'll surely fit into your look seamlessly.
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Floral. For you maybe, but for me floral anything is good anytime. A full on floral dress smack dab in the middle of winter could be much but floral hints? Go for it. These UO Floral Cigarette Jeans maybe just enough to keep your winter wear in check. Keep it warm with a heavy knit sweater and boots or swap out the sweater for a long sleeved t-shirt for warmer weather.

Pleats! Pleated skirts is all anyone is talking about or wearing this year. They're great in winter, in spring or in that awkward in-between weather. What's alluring about these skirts is that the come in numerous lengths tailored just for the season. Midi to longer length skirts are great for winter. You can easily hide warm leggings or boots underneath and in warmer weather, wear pump and no one would know the difference.

Motorcycle Jackets. Keep your down coats close and your leather jackets and bombers closer because in 50 degree weather, you're going to want them around. Superb for warmer winter days and colder ones (just throw on a lined hoodie underneath), and they go with anything.

What are your favorite uni-seasonal trends?

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  1. The first picture is absolutely lovely!!



  2. Hi Love thanks for your comment!
    I seriously adore that outfit and the random sprinkling of green with the ring.

  3. This outfit is so cute. I love the rose pattern on the jeans and the beautiful blush color of the shirt :) I found your blog in my IFB group and I love it. Stop by soon.


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