Travel Log: Washington Metropolitan Area

After spending four years there, its no question that the Washington Metropolitan Area is dear to my heart. With my sister and brother-in-la...

After spending four years there, its no question that the Washington Metropolitan Area is dear to my heart. With my sister and brother-in-law and cutie-patootie nephew living there AND my hamshira having just moved there for law school... well, I could never run out of excuses to visit.
This past weekend I had the chance to attend my sister's thesis defense and decided to stay a couple of extra days to have some much needed fun. First stop Friday, after the presentation was a must for me.

Vietnamese Bánh mì
In Wheaton Maryland, across from another foodie fave, Moby Dick Sushi, (but more on that later) is a Vietnamese takeout spot that serves the most inexpensive yet heavenly sandwich called a Bánh mì. I was leery, as I always am with new foods but for such a picky eater as myself, this was an instant winner. Your choice of grilled chicken, beef or pork (pick pork) on a crispy baguette with shredded carrot, cucumber and daikon, fresh cilantro, jalapeño for kick and then the most refreshing homemade mayo. Next to the best Peruvian Chicken in the area, this is an blue-ribbon food find.
Saturday, after my life changing bra fitting at Nordstrom, I was off to visit my hamshira and fellow dresscapader, Ara, in DC for a casual night of dinner and shopping.
Original jewelry from FIT

This is how she dresses with her eyes closed
Dinner was at our favorite DC restaurant, Gordon Biersch on F and 9th. We both got an order of their famed garlic fries and chicken sandwich with house brewed beer BBQ sauce. Yum.

The next day, I was on my way home and after some transit issues found myself walking 12 blocks to Union Station where I would catch a 10 AM bus. After I calmed myself, which was fairly quickly, I was able to really enjoy the serenity of NE DC on a sunny Sunday morning. It wasn't too long ago that I got to walk the same streets when my professor invited the class to have dinner at her place my senior year. A bit outside the busy city, its enough urban and enough suburban. Happy old couples walked their dogs and smiled as I walked by.  And just before I reached Union Station, around 4th street or so there's a round-about and in the middle a mini park.
All in all, I enjoyed my visit to DC and can't wait to go back.
With good reason, it stands as my second favorite place on the East Coast (the first being NY of course)

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