Seminar in Aspiration: When Your Calling Backs You Into A Corner

If you know me at all, then you know how fickle I can be; how indecisive and at times not passionate enough. It can be frustrating. I've...

If you know me at all, then you know how fickle I can be; how indecisive and at times not passionate enough. It can be frustrating. I've known myself too often to just let the cards fall where they may and accept it. If the world says I can't be a writer then I guess, I should... be a psychologist or something. If the world says I don't have the goods to put myself on such a public platform and talk about fashion and beauty and self-worth, then I guess... I won't. If this is who you used to know, then even you are surprised that I've stayed so committed  to something this long.

 As you read on my about page, my dresscapade started when I realized I didn't have to fit the standard to be beautiful. It was just the click of a link that showed me that you don't have to wear hip hugging, short skirts to be beautiful and stylish. The idea for this blog didn't come until months later when I and my best friend, Ara, found ourselves completely bored with our lives. We were tired but way too young to be tired.

Ara went off to Law school last year and this year, I've had to go it alone. In and out of temp jobs, a non-existent social life. This blog however was there collecting dust and funny enough, the more I neglected it, the more stagnant my situation became and more doors closed. Here and there my parents would show--I don't know if "interest" is the word. "When was the last time you posted on your blog?"-But more agressive than this. This question as opposed to "Have you submitted your applications?" "Any leads on your job search?" I was surprised one night when my parents bombarded me with ideas and expectations. I told them my blog was just a thing and nothing more. I was surprised by how frenzied they became. Over my blog? That was the moment when I felt it. This pressure. It was not my parents pressuring me but my dream. How did it find me? I'd packed it up in a box and shipped out a long time ago; shipped it to those bloggers I so admired, the ones who made something out of nothing, the ones with the inherent fashion sense and effortless blogging style.

If the size of your vision for your life isn't intimidating to you, there's a good chance it's insulting to God.

This quote really woke me up. When we say to our parents "Not everyone is capable of that kind of success," thats a slap in their face and in God's. What I've learned in my 24 years, well in my 2 years out of college is that if you're destined for something, it will come and find you. No matter how long you put it off, no matter how far you run from it; it will find you, back you into a corner and demand the love and attention you so desperately want to give it. Don't swing.

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