In Haute Pursuit: Floral Falling Leggings

I didn't wake up January 13th and feel particularly different. I didn't expect much of the world or that anything would change from ...

I didn't wake up January 13th and feel particularly different. I didn't expect much of the world or that anything would change from the day before. But that was day... when she came back. Another graze with a destiny that I suppose will never come to pass.

An eclipse perhaps? A rare and unusual meeting but short lived, nonetheless. Yes I believe the world spins for ModCloth's Floral Falling Leggings. Not the most glamorous of their items but apparently the most elusive. I've been on a wild goose chase in pursuit of these leggings and the harder they are to catch, the more I NEED them. I first laid eyes on them over a year ago in March, at the very beginning of my dresscapade. I'd just discovered ModCloth, who (let's give credit where it is due) inspired my dresscapade. I was learning that fashion wasn't all short skirts and name brands and RULES. When I saw them I wasn't sold right away. It took time but something always drew me to them. They were mysterious, dangerous even--at least for a plain Jane like me. As a college student, you could probably guess that money was tight and while they definitely don't break the bank, at $17.99 I was very hesitant about how and when and why I spent my money. 
Around my birthday I was enamoured and planned to gift them to myself. A few days before I was set to buy it I was devastated to see that they were out of stock. I must've pressed the "notify me on restock" button about a million times. To my luck (kind of. I just so happened to be stressed with finals and graduation and sick at the time) one, I'm guessing, did not impress as they were meant to. So without hesitation. I purchased them. I was ecstatic. Just an eclipse. Rare. Short Lived. You know. I recieved an email that there was an error and that I would be refunded my money. When my other things arrived, I saw on the reciept that the leggings had been crossed out and next to them a hand drawn sad face (which admittedly made me feel slightly better). I tried to move on but when the summer came all I could think about was how great they'd go with my grey v-neck tunic, a long cardi and a straw fedora. I thought to go to the source and so I tweeted ModCloth only for them to confirm the inevitible... We were never meant to be. I had to accept and move on.
Then came January 13th. When I recieved an email that they were back in stock and to "hurry!" I did. I hadn't thought of them in months. I didn't think there would ever be another chance for us. I'd expected to have them in my hands by the following Monday. But not before long I'd recieved another email. I don't think I have to tell you what it said. You see we have a history as you've read. Our relationship, like Moon, is hopeless. My love never waivers though I am the moon. I'm forced only admire from  my dark cold corner and covet you, world, that get to bask in its summery beams. patooooie.

And as we approach yet another summer without you My Love, I can't help but think about what could have been v_v

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