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Wow. Um... well this is embarrassing... Believe it or not this is us achieving what we believed (at the time) to be pure fashion excellence...

Wow. Um... well this is embarrassing...

Believe it or not this is us achieving what we believed (at the time) to be pure fashion excellence except... not by our own standards. You see, besides being fashion illiterate, some of us overcompensated to secure acceptance in a group they felt they needed to be apart of (ahem Ara) while others isolated themselves entirely convinced no one understood them (ahem Tola). But what we didn't understand was that we could make fashion what we wanted it to be, tailored just for us, for our lifestyles, for who we were, for who we aspired to be. And okay I know it sounds cliche but learning to just give in and be yourself is 1. not as easy as it may sound and we get that and 2. one of the most valuable lessons you could ever learn. So we took this "be yourself, please" stuff along with our intensifying appreciation for fashion and so began our dresscapade.

So this is what a DRESscapade entails or better yet the core ideas.
          Define or rather decide to quit the annoying fashion bulsh and get to the heart of it already!!!! You like your BFF's shoes? Go get yourself a pair! And your coworker's savvy style? Who says you can't borrow from her? But decide to make it your own. Wear your clothes, don't let them wear you. You define them, you DEFY them. If you fall into a "fashion genre" embrace it! And if you don't thats okay but decide that you do the defining; not the clothes, not the magazines, not the models. It begins and ends with you, my friends.
         Research is important because, lets not kid ourselves, no one person has all the answers. And you don't have to be up to date with the latest trends and know all the brands and the famous designers and their models and their measurements... we certainly don't... and we certainly don't care. But its vital to have a foundation to build on. Know the clothes that flatter your body type, open your mind to new things, steal from those in the know! And then... 
Express... Take whatever it is you feel you are and represent yourself! Express your love for art, music, literature whatever your passion! Its part of you right? So then how else can you show that to the world???
and lastly...

the best accessory is your own brand of confidence. But come on... did we have to tell you that???

So what's become of our dresscapade?
Uh... its a process...

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