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I’ve been a busy shopper! And gladly, my closet is finally coming into its own. Here’s a list of some of the things I bought thanks to Holid...

I’ve been a busy shopper! And gladly, my closet is finally coming into its own. Here’s a list of some of the things I bought thanks to Holiday gifts and sales.

This is an ASOS link, but I bought mine directly from ALDO store and luckily at a cool 25% discount. Careful, these run a little narrow, so if you… find a pair, get them stretched. ALDO does it for free.

So, no, this isn’t quite appropriate for New York weather just yet but I’m so excited to wear it with this UO Maxi dress (on its way) and other contradicting girly things. Here's is another quilted motorcycle jacket to consider. Its wonky cut on the chest really drew me in but in the end the crinkle quality of the former as well as the collar won me over.

I went to my local Macy’s and straight to the Mac counter for some quality makeup. I bought Studio Fix Liquid foundation NW50, which matched my skin color seamlessly. I do have an oily T-zone and was told to accompany it with a mineral powder or a translucent loose powder. I got New York Color’s Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder for $2.75 and it works great! (For seriously oily skin a reapplication maybe necessary in the middle of the day.)

I went back a week later to get a red lipstick and for someone who never wears a lip color, I was pleasantly surprised that the first lipstick I tried on looked great on me. My mac pal told me Ruby Woo Matte Lipstick is the best red lipstick for any and every skin tone! Not only that but I licked my lips, touched them and even drank from a water bottle. It did not come off at all. Click the title for my favorite how-to vid on the perfect red lip.

ZARA Suede Fringe Boot
Aaaand my hunt for fringe boots ends in victory! I did have to shell out more money than I initially wanted to but these are so worth a few (ahem 60) extra bucks. They're not like other boots that stand up straight oh no... They're very limp which is great because I'll get slouch that I was looking for. Curse the bargain hunters that got them at $40! Sorry loves sold out =/

Okay, so I put product in my hair every night when I do my chunky twists to keep my twist out nice and fresh. This is just about the best cleanser you can get to sweep all that product out! No sulfate and it moisturizes to the root. I can't tell you if its better than Wen but it's certainly cheaper! It comes in different options tailored for your hair care needs. Naturalistas: not owning this would be criminal. It is essential. Get it at your local Sally’s.

There are other areas I have yet to cover: Purses, hair accessories, jewelry and more! I'll be sure to keep you posted with my favorite finds.

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