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Many weeks ago, I woke up at 3 AM for some reason thinking about this feather adorned panama hat I ordered from UrbanOutfitters  (rawr sold ...

Many weeks ago, I woke up at 3 AM for some reason thinking about this feather adorned panama hat I ordered from UrbanOutfitters (rawr sold out) which was enroute.  I had to jump on the opportunity to get it! UO hats usually go for $30-50 a pop! And here she was first $20 and then $9.99. She was calling to me. What I woke up thinking about however was... how with my big ol' fro am I going to fit this hat on my head? I got on to google and typed in the question and lo and behold, it was youtube with its infinite wisdom to the rescue.

Image Source: moonsmusings.blogspot.com
I was sure I'd be up all night bugging myself with an answer to, really, what seemed like a question that no one would bother themselves with. I was shocked to find a solution almost immediately!--How long does a google search take?--Almost immediately as in 0.27 seconds. Gosh, Google could you have taken more time? I found this video from KinkyCurlyCoil with a very clever solution
Just the same, being natural means you've got to get creative because let me tell you, your hair will not always do what you want it to. When the turban thing was big (and I'm sure the trend will recycle this summer) I was looking for a different thing to do with my hair and found this turban tutorial from the beautiful and very eloquent Nikkimae2003 (At the time however, my hair wasn't long enough to rock it with this much finesse)
I also learned some other cool ways to tie scarves from the ladies from FreePeople who continue to inspire creativity and effortless looks. Visit and subscribed to their youtube channel here.
But there's always something else, right? I'm not huge on makeup. I'll do liquid foundation, occasionally some light eye makeup and more recently a lip color, just like this next vlogger, Laila Jean. I was however, fed up that my eyebrows NEVER looked the same, they were never thick enough, the waxing was just taking its toll and I know NO good threaders in my area. My buddy, Ara, also not huge on makeup, referred me to this video on a brilliant all-over everyday makeup tutorial with a great eyebrow regimen. I was also rather impressed with how well she knows her skin: from having combination skin to having super greasy eyelids! What? I literally touched my eyelids when she said that. I like this video a lot because we kind of have a similar skin type.
Next, I wanted to incorporate a lip color into my simple makeup regimen and the red lip was getting increasingly popular. Well, it's a makeup staple to be honest. I noticed more and more these days, that you can wear a red lip and not much wear not much else which was very appealing to me. The red lip easily fits into the pinup look, the rocker glam look and so much more. SO I went out and got a stick of MAC's Ruby Woo matte red lipstick. I didn't know much about wearing a red lipstick so I did youtube search and found this video from Mochatia915. She also has a lot of smart tips about wearing lip care in general. (I think that she uses a burgundy lipliner for dimension is excellent.)
SideBar: As she said red lipstick can make lip imperfections GLARING. So get into the habit (I'm telling myself too) of using a good lip exfoliant. I like this homemade one from ModCloth.

I get a lot of great tips that I think anyone can use from natural hair vloggers but this last video isn't necessarily from a vlogger and I didn't find it on youtube. Actually I've seen it countless times on Style and can never get over how inspired this idea is. I think you recognize this beauty, Ms. Jeannie Mai.

This is a valuable lesson to learn early in your dresscapade. No one person knows everything. So if you've got a random question like how to wear a hat with a huge fro to a more popular issue like wearing a red lipstick, Youtube is the first place to look. You will be surprised the amazing things you can learn!

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