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My Junior year in college, I could boast that I'd seen almost every movie nominated for an Academy Award. And if I hadn't seen it, I...

My Junior year in college, I could boast that I'd seen almost every movie nominated for an Academy Award. And if I hadn't seen it, I'd gone to see it the following weeks. I took the scenic route even in the winter, past the watergate and walked along the boardwalk on the water front. The fountain froze mid spill in the winter. Beautiful. It was a must almost every weekend I wasn't doing anything with anyone and one of my joys to get to say during the Oscars Yes, Bravo. You deserve this one.

2009 was the year Ben Button, The Reader, Doubt and Slumdog Millionaire reigned at the Oscars (the year the Dark Knight was unforgivably overlooked). 2010 was the year I rooted for Precious and Up and was thrilled not only to see a woman win in the Best Director but also to see her beat her money hungry ex-husband in almost every category. 2011 I was a bit unprepared but I was sure I'd wanted James Franco or Jesse Eisenberg to win in his category. However, after Colin won, I was suddenly seduced by his eloquence and effortless humor. That was the year Anne Hathaway called out some "Hugh Jackass" (a shining example of a play on words) for not gracing her with his presence during what would have been another memorable Oscar comedic musical performance. 2011 was my best year because even today I can say that I've seen 7 of the 9 movies nominated for best picture and thoroughly enjoyed all of them (and still believe Inception/Nolan/Hans Zimmer was robbed).

2012... I can tell you I've seen The Help and Bridesmaids ...  and I don't know is 50/50 nominated for anything? (I'm reading the nominations for the first time as I write this) No. GASP! Jonah Hill nominated for an oscar?! Jessica Chastain (she was definitely one of the strongest in The Help and one of my favorite characters) good for her. Viola and Octavia I knew of. Very well deserved. Kristen Wiig what a talent. Yay. Melissa McCarthy?! Rango. Yes saw it. Nice. Wait, who's hosting?

Having taken four film courses in college, its quite ridiculous that I've lost touch with this passion. While I may not have time to catch all the nominated movies in time for the ceremony Sunday, I do know better that it is the season for movies. So here's what's what, from here to summer, the best comedies, rom-coms and award winning movies will hit the theaters and this time I'm making an effort to see as many as I can! (But I don't do horror flicks) Each month I'll update you with details on my favorite movies. What I liked and what I didn't. Who wore what. Who didn't (if you catch my drift). This is an effort to get back to those joys that somehow slipped through my fingers! If you see a good one leave a comment and I'll be sure to check it out!

For February Film Series Most:
The Descendants
The Vow
This Means War
Secret World of Arrietty

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