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Spring is just about my favorite season (sorry Fall, my former favorite season). Not only will yours truly be celebrating a 24th birthday th...

Spring is just about my favorite season (sorry Fall, my former favorite season). Not only will yours truly be celebrating a 24th birthday this spring but she'll have the best duds to celebrate it in! Yes, Spring is by far the season when the trends are the brightest and the fashionable are unstoppable. You can see why I had to displace my affection.SPRING!
Well, while I've been absent (I do apologize my lovlies), fellow bloggers and trend spotters have been holding down the fort reporting on the best spring trends they've seen so far and I gotta tell you, they've barely punctured the surface. Here are my favorites!

1. Mixing Bold Colored Pieces
A given right? But this color combo stopped me dead in my tracks. Sometimes mixing colors like cockatoo, solar power (that alone is intimidating) and tangerine tango can be scary. But this guest blogger SAVES those suffering from bright color paralysis with a calming neutral color.

2. Peplum!
Ok. I've been head over heels for peplum since summer of 2010 when I got this ModCloth dress for graduation. I'm so excited to see it come back this Spring in more sleek and sophisticated forms. Even peplum tops!
me 2010 in ModCloth's Pep-lum Club Dress

3. Monochromatic
I hadn't seen this trend before I saw it on Who What Wear. What a smart way to stay fashionable when you're just too lazy to be creative mixing colors and patterns. I will most certainly be resorting this every chance I can get.

4. Cross-body Bags
I am determined to get at least 12 cross body bags this spring. You know about my newest one from Francesca's but as this Pattern Rebellion post mentions (pssst! look at the byline) its just about the most convenient and sophisticated and at once casual bag you can wear. I once wore a cross-body bag while bar hopping and promised every time after that to wear one when I'm out.

5. Floral
Well uh duh? But it amazes me how floral trends continue to evolve every spring season. So however obvious it seems to whip out your floral garments for spring, its just as important to invest in some new floral clothes. Also on Tanesha's Spring Must Haves: white lace, pleats, stripes and coral jeans! I need every one of those things.

I'm very excited to try out these spring trends plus a short list of my own.

 Metallic Gold and White Combo
I saw this outfit in the window at H&M and adored it! The gold against the crisp white is an elegant yet casual look for Spring and Summer.

Gold & White

Bold Lip and Nail Color
As I've said before, I'm not a makeup person. So being able to get away with just a bold lip, a bright nail color and maybe a strong cat-eye is low-maintenance and thus very appealing to me.

Link Jewelry
Been seeing a lot of magnified link jewelry. Statement jewelry can be life savers for those who leave the house without thinking to put on that extra piece of jewelry. The big links are enough jewelry to go around! Exhibit A, B and C.

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