New Buy!!!: Francesca's Collections Color Block Purse

Over the weekend I got this beautiful color block purse from Francesca's Collections . If you haven't heard of them, please do check...

Over the weekend I got this beautiful color block purse from Francesca's Collections. If you haven't heard of them, please do check out their online storefront if you don't know of any locations near you. A very inspired boutiquey one-of-a-kind aesthetic makes them one of my favorite new stores. I prefer however, to go to the actual store than shop online. Anyway, after an interesting conversation with my mom in which she told me a laptop bag, various travel bags, and my lone everyday coach bag (who I call Baby. Make no mistake she is very much loved.) are enough bags to make my bag collection complete, I successfully convinced my mom to purchase this bag for me after retorting "You don't wear your everyday bag to every party you go to, do you?" Mom 0, Tolani 1.

You get the best of both worlds with Color Block and Quilted

And regal gold cross-body chain
Polka Dots!!!!
My mom was a little worried how I'd wear something like this especially it being so bright! Well, that shouldn't be too difficult.

I like the idea of adding a little more gold to compliment the gold in the bag as well as a little more color with this cool blue H&M bangle. Black is an easy neutral to pair anything with. A toy watch gives a subtle nod to the pop colors.

Lastly, leopard print is quickly becoming a neutral for me. If in small doses, it goes beautifully with anything. These, as you probably noticed, are my favorite shoes.

I bet you're noticing... the "middle part" is missing. Um. Because I don't have it yet. Like leopard print, I love polka dots as the new neutral too! To complete this look, I've got my eye on this ModCloth polka dot dress! With a white cardigan to compliment the bright colored purse and bracelet, this outfit would be perfect for a spring graduation season! (I love graduation season if you didn't know)
CLICK to buy! (but save one for me will ya?)

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