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All right, I was stunned  to learn there are people actually out there that would argue natural hair isn't for everyone. A statement tha...

All right, I was stunned to learn there are people actually out there that would argue natural hair isn't for everyone. A statement that when you look at it, not only makes sense but can be quite offensive. How can you say the way God made me is not for me? I was inclined to think along the lines of this well thought out take on the issue. She says instead of saying "natural hair isn't for everyone" substitute natural hair with brown skin. Brown Skin Isn't for Everyone. Just brilliant. That video is a response to the video I'll feature in this post. However, I saw this video with this beautiful young lady and I have to admit I was taken aback by how much of it I agree with.

Newly out of the natural-hair-closet-er Viola Davis.
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Like me, Sunshine, wasn't too keen at first on how someone could say something like that. I will admit though, there are people, yes black people, who don't see the beauty in it that others do. I myself have had to fight my own idealistic views on how my hair should look, which Sunshine touches upon, and made the conscious decision after almost two years of being natural to relax my hair. Ouch. That as well upset some people. I even endured some hostility from a hair dresser who argued I didn't take care of my hair and rolled her eyes when I asked her if my twists would drop and I told her I wash my hair with Herbal Essence (which I still do... well co-wash and/or detangle). That was enough in itself to turn me away from going natural. After educating myself on the proper natural hair care (the science of it, styles, products-- and when it comes to products... natural MEANS natural) and developing a tough skin, I decided I had the time to learn about it, to have patience and started my journey ALL over again. It is not easy. Your hair will not always do what you want it to do and that can be a harsh reality to face but I was ready for it.
What I like about Sunshine's argument is that she emphasizes just that: Are you prepared to jump into the ocean of natural hair? So you know, it is not shallow waters. Sunshine focuses on the preparedness of going natural but doesn't discourage it all together. In fact she says she believes there is a day coming when natural hair will be the norm. And what a huge stride forward made for natural hair girls over the weekend when a Black Nominee shamelessly rock her natural hair at the most prestigious Award Ceremony EVER and not to mention at a peak in her career. (*cough* Viola Davis *cough*) I appreciate Sunshine's statement following that, saying, there are the forerunners educating those not in the know of the realities of going natural. It was through them that I learned that natural hair isn't always those gorgeous loose flowing curls you see in the commercials. (oh no, though its achievable.) And then after, I could embrace my natural texture. As long as you're prepared to learn and leave those ideals behind, I would encourage anyone to go natural.

Lastly, Sunshine argues there is a confidence you have to carry with it. It is still not received positively by everyone. I agree wholly, with that. Sometimes it can feel like swimming upstream concerning those not as open minded, your stubborn and ever changing texture and tailoring styles to your professional life.

I think that for anyone, the journey is worth it. But take it at your own pace. Know your texture, know your style, experiment, be confident but most of all be patient.

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